The Amenity Center includes a fully-equipped gym facility and pool. Please read the Amenity Center rules and regulations. Each homeowner is issued one pool key. If you misplace your key and want a replacement key, please call the POA office and a replacement key will be issued. Replacement keys are $10.00 each.

Alston Park Community Pool and Activity Center Rules

Please use common sense and courtesy when using the pool and Activity Center. The pool area and Activity Center is for the exclusive use of the residents and guests of Alston Park.

1. Respect each other's rights to quiet enjoyment of the pool, pool area and Activity Center.
3. NO GLASS is allowed in the pool area. (Broken glass will force closure of the pool until cleanup.)
4. Children under 16 must be under the direct supervision of an adult.
5. No: tricycles, bicycles, wagons, skateboards, rollerblades, heelies or similar non-pool items are allowed in the pool area or within 50 feet of any gated access to the pool.
6. Only battery powered radios with earphones are allowed. No A/C powered electrical devices are allowed in the pool area.
7. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool area.
8. People with body contagions should not use the pool.
9. No horseplay (such as running, pushing, dunking, or excessive splashing) is permitted.
10. No profanity, improper behavior, or vulgar remarks are permitted.
11. Only appropriate swim attire is allowed in the pool. Supplementary protection (swimming diapers) is required for non-potty trained children.
12. Guests must be accompanied by a resident adult (18 years or older). A maximum of four guests at a time are allowed per residence without prior approval of the POA.
13. NO PETS are allowed inside the fenced pool area or Activity Center at any time.
14. NO SMOKING inside the fenced pool area and Activity Center at any time.
15. Food is to be consumed only at the tables, chairs or lounge chairs.
16. No person shall:
a. Threaten the safety or abuse the rights of any other authorized pool user.
b. Misuse, abuse or remove pool furniture, lifesaving hooks, life preservers or other equipment.
c. Litter the pool area with trash of any kind.
d. Enter the pool area by climbing over fences or gates, THIS IS TRESSPASSING!
e. Engage in an activity considered a nuisance or generating complaints from nearby residences or other pool users. This includes loud noises, yelling, disturbances or games.
17. All persons using the swimming pool do so at their own risk.
18. No wet swimwear is allowed in the Activity Center.
19. Your pool key is your ticket into the pool area - it shall be assumed that anyone without a key does not belong there and shall be asked to leave. Anyone you let into the pool area with your key becomes your responsibility.
20. One key per household is allowed and is required for entry into the pool areas. An authorized user of the pool (at least one person in a household's group) must be in possession of the key while in the pool areas.
21. Place all trash in the appropriate containers. If the trash containers are full, please take your trash with you when you leave.
Members of the Association Board or a Board designated pool supervisor may oversee the safe use of the facilities. The pool supervisor and pool committee members are agents of the Board of Directors and the Property Owners Association and are given full authority to control the pool and Activity Center use.

Pool keys are a form of identification and pool users may be asked to show their key at any time. If a key is lost or damaged it is important to notify the POA immediately! There will be a fee to replace lost or damaged keys.


Monday thru Sunday
7:00 am to 10:00 pm


Rule violations may result in fine. Trespassers are subject to arrest.

Abusers of the facilities will be barred from any or all of the facilities for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Payment for any damages to any facility will be the responsibility of the homeowner(s) involved.

Alston Park POA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Resident/Owner Considerations

Keep the Alston Park pool clean and safe. Consider your neighbors when using the pool. Residents are ultimately responsible for the use, condition, and appearance of the pool. Please insure that the pool rules are followed, good judgment and common sense are used. Please throw trash away. Take home items you bring to the pool. Help keep the pool area and activity center areas clean. Please report any and all problems to the POA.

The provisions and rules set forth herein have been reviewed approved and adopted by the Alston Park Property Owner's Association. The rules will remain in effect until such time as new rules are adopted by the Alston Park Property Owner's Association.

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